• How much does it cost to sign up?
    • Zero, zip, zilch, nada. In other words, it is free to sign up, thanks needs to go to the sponsors for making that happen. All you have to do is create an account on this site, then click on add your yard sale.
  • How do I create an account?
    1. Go to dpyardsale.com.
    2. Click on “Login/Register” at the top of the page.
    3. Click “Create Account”.
      1. Enter a username, email address, and password.
    4. Click “Complete Sign Up”.  
    5. Check your email. The email will have the subject line  “Deer Park Yard Sale Activate Your Account”.
    6. Open the email and click the link inside.
    7. The link will open a new tab or window in your web browser. 
      • There will be a field for an Activation Key. This field should auto-fill; however, if it is empty, return to your email to retrieve the key. 
    8. Click “Activate”.
    9. Your account should now be active and you can click Login.  
    10. Enter your username and password, then click Login.
  • How do I add my yard sale?
    1. Login to dpyardsale.com. 
    2. Click “Add Your Yard Sale”.
    3. Fill in the fields on this page.
      • Title, for example, “Moving”, or “Estate Sale”, “Baby and Kids items”, or “Antiques”.
      • Address, the physical address of your sale.
        1. Confirm your address’s location on the map. You can drag the map location to change it if needed.
      • Phone Number and Email fields are just in case we need to reach you to clarify or update something. That information will not be made public.
      • Photos: If you have a few special items, upload pictures of them to entice shoppers.
      • Days: please select which days you will be operating your sale. The citywide event goes from Friday through Sunday, but you don’t have to run your sale all three days.
      • Time: choose the hours your sale will be open.
      • Listing Description: take a moment and describe the type of sale you are holding or some of the items you will have available.
      • Tags: these are the search terms that shoppers will use to single out your sale.  Some great tags would be: Baby Clothes, Antiques, Moving Sale, Furniture, etc.
    4. When you’ve filled out all the required fields and are happy with your listing, click “Submit”.
    5. The page will cycle, 
      • If there are any inaccuracies in your listing, the page will ask you to correct them.
      • If all the required fields are correct, you will see a message at the top left of your screen saying “Your Item Has Submitted Successfully”.
    6. If for any reason you need to add, remove, or change anything in your listing, just return to the site, login, and click “Yard Sale Dashboard”.
      • You will see the title of your yard sale, the status of its review, i.e. pending, approved, rejected, as well as an edit button.
      • Click Edit; the same form you used to create the yard sale will come back up and you can change anything you need to.
  •  Where do I find the map with the list of yard sales?
    • The map and the list of all the yard sales will be put on the website on the Thursday preceding the yard sale. Late submissions will be added as they are approved by volunteers.
  • I live outside of Deer Park Washington. Is there someplace I can have my yard sale?
    • There are a number of churches that are providing places to host yard sales.
  • Why is the Printable Map not working?
    • The print button provides a list of yard sales without the map or photos to make it easy to print. To print a map and/or photos would require more pages than is practical.
  • When will the map and list be released on the site?
    • The map and list of yard sales will be made public sometime on the Thursday before the event.
  • When is the deadline to sign up?
    • We are updating the map and list constantly, even during the event.